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Our Slots area has 400 machines including Slots Video, Slots Reel and Slots Poker. Denominations range from 0.01 cent to R 25 denomination machines. Golden Horse Slots consist of a Non-Smoking and Smoking area as well as a Privé.

Rewards Programme members start earning points immediately when playing their favourite Slot machine and can redeem those points for additional Casino FreePlay.

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Cash & Cars
Expect big things at Golden Horse casino

Win new wheels

How would you like to drive off in a brand new CAR? What if we throw in CASH as well? Sounds great, right?

All you need to do is play CASH & CARS linked Slot machines on the main or in the smoking casino floor at Golden Horse for the chance to win. No winning combinations required.

How to enter

Simply insert your Rewards card or Day Visitor’s card into Cash & Cars linked Slot machine and play. By playing as little as 5c or 10c, you could win a CAR and CASH! Any bet played will activate you to play for the car.

Which machines?

You must play on CASH & CARS linked Slot machines for the chance to win. There are 66 Slots machines linked to the CASH & CARS progressive and you can spot them by the branded CASH & CARS chairs and Topers.

Great odds. Great Fun

Play our 5c denomination Golden progressive bank on the main casino with an exciting 4 level progressive and the Grand jackpot starting at R50,000. This bank offers up to 98% payback so you get more BANG for your BUCK!


The Tsogo Rewards programme aims to reward our members each chance we get. No frills, no fuss – just relevant benefits that you can actually use!

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